Føroyar í tíðindunum í Medford, Oregon

The Faroe Islands make the news in Medford, Oregon....

The same story, broadcasted on CBS13(KOVR Sacramento) can be seen here.

Men go to Seyðaskor(Sheep-"Steep, grass covered cliff") and Góðamannsskor(Good-man-"Steep, grass covered cliff") to gather the sheep there..

If you want to see the original clip, broadcasted on the 2nd October, on Kringvarp Føroyar, click here, and go to 14:06.


Føroyar komu í tíðindini í Medford, Oregon, Amerika

Sama søgan, varpað á CBS13(KOVR Sacramento) can verða sædd her.

Menn fara til Seyðaskor og Góðamannsskor at reka seyð..

Um tú vilt síggja upprunaklippið, varpað tann 2. oktobur, í Degi & Viku, so trýst her, og far til 14:06.


  1. How cool! Although, it was a bit weird of them to call it 'an island'... and mention the friends obsession... but still, I'm happy to see it mentioned. :D

  2. Hej/Hello,
    There was a documentary on Irish Television last week, 17th Nov 09, about Brian Kerr the Irishman who managed the Faroese team for a time. It was great to see the Islands again on TV and I envied Brian the chance he had to live and work there.
    I'm delighted to see there's a blog about life in the Faroe Islands and written in both Faroese and English.
    I was on the Faroes for a week back in 1992. The memories remain with me. It's great to be able to read this bilingual blog, cos it challenges me to try to understand the Faroese language. Being Irish married to a Swede bits of my other languages (Gaelic and Swedish) help me to understand.
    Keep up the good work!
    liz o connor
    ps Have Irish monks played a part in the history of the Faroes or is that just my wishful thinking?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Well well...The news reporter would be obssessed too if he'd been here! =P My friend has been reading my blog, and now she's got her boyfriend reading it too (& they both have never even been here yet!). She claims that they need their 'Faroe shots' at least once a week. The Faroe has that effect on people, and is good like that =D

  5. @Liz
    I'm glad you like the blog.. ;)
    I don't know wether Irish Monks have played a part in the history of the Faroes, or not.. It's said that they were the first people to live here.. But I don't know much more than that.. :(

    Haha.. xD Yeah.. :P
    Hopefully, they'll come to visit you soon.. ;)

  6. Hej på er!- hello
    I've linked to your Faroese blogg from my blogg, i hope that's ok with you, i'm glad to see that there's a bit of activity in here, the Christmas lights you showed us are much like what you see here in Ireland too.
    I'm writing a little bit about our trip to the Faroes (in 1992!!!) in my blogg at present. So if anyone wants to have a look in, feel free...

  7. Oh, that's great, thanks ;D
    Awesome, I'll read it, and in case someone else is wondering, here's the link to Liz' blog: http://barazile.blogspot.com/

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