For the first time, ever, there are living more than 49,000 people in the Faroe Islands!

On the 1st of August there were living 49,006 people in the Faroe Islands. There were 132 more people born than there died, and 131 more people moved to the Faroe Islands, than there moved from the Faroes.

But the population will probably decrease next month, because a lot of people will move to other countries to study. But the population will probably increase back to more than 49,000 at the turn of the year, if the population will increase the same way it has done the last couple of months.


Fyri allar fyrstu ferð, nakrantíð, búgva tað nú meira enn 49.000 fólk í Føroyum!

Tann 1. august búu 49.006 fólk í Føroyum. Tað vóru 132 fleiri fólk fødd, enn tað doyðu, og 131 fleiri fólk fluttu til Føroyar, enn tað fluttu frá Føroyum.

Men fólkatalið fer nokk at minka næsta mánaða, tí tá flyta nógv til onnur lond í lestrarørindum. Men fólkatalið fer sannlíkt at koma upp um tey 49.000 um ársskiftið, um fólkavøksturin verður tann sami sum teir síðstu mánaðirnar.


  1. excellent news - look forward to you hitting the 50,000. Maybe going on to 70,000 is the Islands can sustain that population. Certainly, for a small language community, every thousand helps in making the language sustainable.

    Is the increase mainly in Torshavn or is it spread across the Islands?

    ... oh, and congratulations on beating Lithuania!


  2. Yeah.. :D

    The population has grown most in Streymoyar Sýsla. That's where Tórshavn(the capital) is.
    But the population of the 2nd largest island, Eysturoy has also grown with around 50 people.. :P
    So, yeah.. mostly increasing in Tórshavn :P

    lol, thanks!.. ;D

  3. and I contributed to that! hahahahha having moved to Klaksvík from Indonesia =D