X-Factor and Eurovision

Faroese artists are represented in a lot of music shows these days. There's Anna Nygaard, who's attending in the Danish TV-competition, X-factor(a bit like American Idol). There's Jógvan Hansen, who's attending the Icelandic Eurovision competition. And there's Jens Marni Hansen who'll attend in the Danish Eurovision contest on the 6th of February.


Føroyskir sangarar eru væl umboðaðir í tónleikakappingum nú á døgum. Anna Nygaard er við í donsku sjónvarpssendingini, "X-factor", Jógvan Hansen er við í íslensku Eurovision kappingini, og Jens Marni Hansen er við í donsku Eurovision kappingini tann 6. februar.

Anna Nygaard in the X-Factor adition

Press here to listen to the song Jógvan Hansen will sing on the Icelandic Eurovision

I don't know yet, which song Jens Marni Hansen will sing in the Danish Eurovison contest, but one of the writers of the song, is the singer of the band "Johnny Deluxe".

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