Summarið er komið

Vit hava nú havt sól og summar í tríggir dagar á rað! Hitin hevur ligið um tey 20 stigini. Í Føroyum er tað sera heitt, tá hitin er um 20 stig, og tá fara næstan øll útum at njóta hendan deiliga hitan, og at hugna sær saman við vinfólki og familju. Nøkur seta seg bert útum at fáa sær eitt prát, onnur fara at grilla, og nøkur fara á sandin, at "sóla" sær, og at hava tað stuttligt. Og kanska onkur fer ein lítlan svimjitúr í sjónum, eisini? :P

Skýggj vóru næstan ikki at síggja á himmalinum - sjálvur taldi eg eitt einstakt. Tað er ikki ofta at so gott veður er í Føroyum, og tí eru vit øll sera takksom og royna at njóta hvønn ein góðveðursdag, ið kemur.


Summer has come

We've had a sun for three days in a row now! The temperature has been around 20 degrees Celcius(68 F). That's warm in the Faroe Islands, and almost everybody go outside to enjoy the nice heat, and to enjoy themselves together with friends and family. Some just sit down outside and have a talk, others barbecue, and some go on the beach to "tan" themselves, and have some fun. And maybe some take a little swim into the ocean, as well? :P

There were almost no clouds in the air - I, myself, could only count one single cloud. It's not often that we have such good weather in the Faroes, and we are therefor all very grateful and try to enjoy all the days with good weather, that comes along.

Hitamátarin/The thermometer

Blómur í garðinum/Flowers in the garden



  1. I'm sure it's lovely in the FI when you have warm, sunny weather. Any more photos?

    (from Wales)

  2. Hello Cymro :D

    Thanks for stopping by.. I will probably post some other photos as well in other posts, so check back later.. ;)

  3. I really like this blog, the Faroe Islands look so amazing :D.

  4. Roskur - thanks ... but photos of places and people not puffins, seagulls or sunsets! How about some photos of Faroe suburbia, caffes, streets, political graffiti, car stickers, noteble buildings e.g. national parliament, library, university etc


  5. That's a good idea! I'll start bothering Roskur about it. I have noticed that pictures of 'life in the Faroes' are few and far between, and that is the name of the blog after all. :)

  6. Cymro - Too bad for you, I just went a trip to an island, where there are lots of puffins and other birds, and landscapes too. So the next blog(s) will probably be about that. xD
    Those are some wonderful ideas, and I will follow them, for sure. Thank you very much! ;D

  7. I'm envious of your view!! Perhaps I will go with Miranda. To the Faroe Islands. yay!

    [and help its population growth?]

  8. I've just been browsing your blog - some beautiful pictures there. Thanks.

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